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Arches Capital is a fast growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist (VCs) and Business Angels, by joining the best of both worlds.

We source, select and invest like a VC;
We engage, care and inspire as the angel we are.

We believe that by bundling smart capital (combine funding with real business knowledge and experience) with true engagement (actively working together to achieve rapid growth), we are able to ignite early stage companies on their path to success.


Arches Capital invests in early stage companies that are ready to scale fast. Our group of investors consists of  seasoned entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge and broad experience in spaces like FinTech, Data Science, Commerce, Cybersecurity, MedTech, and many more. Most of our members are experienced angel investor and serial entrepreneur. Where most traditional VCs can only promise access to a network, Arches Capital itself is built upon the valuable knowledge and vast experience of its ‘Archangels’.


When Arches Capital invests in a company, it does so together with a subset of interested members. From this investor group one lead investor is appointed, who will close the deal, take a seat on the (advisory) board, actively engage with the founders and act as a main point of contact to all other angels and experts.


With the active commitment and engagement of the continuously growing group of Archangels, Arches Capital supports companies to ignite their rocket engine, accelerate growth and turn them into profitable, successful portfolio companies.

Arches Capitals differentiates itself from other angel syndicates or funds by supporting the next ignition stage as well: we aim to lead or contribute to follow-on investments of  our successful portfolio companies.

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Although we would never turn down an awesome team with a great product and traction in other areas, Arches Capital primarily focuses on software companies with B2B or B2B2C focus, that favour new and disruptive solutions over automating current processes, embrace the opportunity of innovative technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and have a compelling and differentiating product. Think about FinTech, RegTech, Health/MedTech, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Enabling Tech, Commerce.

We invest in early stage and scaling companies that have a strong and balanced team, a compelling product, are generating revenue, have proven traction and can clearly show the market opportunity and know their competitive landscape.

Are you an early stage or scaling company looking for funding with smart money and do you fit the criteria above? Send us your request, investor deck and business plan for review at Please check that the following information is included in your application: problem, solution/product/technology, market (fit, size, maturity), competition, go-to market/sales strategy, business model, team, current cap-table, financials (actual & forecast) and investment plan (size, runway, goal).

One of Arches Capital’s traits is that we are able to have professional deals against fair cost of legal and notary services. We do that by using standard documentation (term sheet, shareholders and investment agreements) that are derived from modern, fair and commonly accepted market standards. You can download the most recent version of our standard term sheet for investment here.

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Frank Appeldoorn (1979), has earned his credits as a venture capitalist with an operational finance and IT background, developing and driving financial performance of strategic business plans. He started the Volta Ventures organisation in the Netherlands, including deal sourcing, closing and deal follow-on. Prior to Volta, Frank acted as an advisor to IT startups in their fundraising efforts. Frank holds a master’s degree from Rotterdam School of Management and ESADE in Barcelona, Spain. He also received a Register Controller Degree from Nyenrode University. Frank has lived and worked in The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the US. Frank is married and has three kids. When all this leaves him some spare time, Frank loves to play tennis and keep in shape as road cyclist. 


Roel Bergsma (1967), has a long experience as entrepreneur, executive professional, startup mentor and angel investor. He co-founded Dutch system integrator and software development company Macaw in 1994 and as COO, CSO and Executive Board Member grew the company to >235 employees. Roel was and is active as board member, selection committees and working with startups as mentor and Entrepreneur in Residence for Rockstart Accelerator’s Web & Mobile and AI programs. Roel holds a degree from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Roel is living in Amsterdam together with his girlfriend for more than 30 years now. When not involved with startups and angel investment, Roel can be found in Lelystad, enjoying his hobby as private pilot and building an aerobatic aircraft.


Eric van der Maten (1966), Eric began his career working in IT consulting before moving on to internet-related projects. Eric co-founded a Dutch IT systems & security management company Mainland Sequoia, currently member of Group Devoteam, a European technology consulting company based in Paris. Eric is an active business angel/seed investor, own and syndicated domains; Cyber security/privacy, GRC, marketplaces, media and ML & AI. Eric acts as an advisor to several national and international business ventures in his portfolio and holds several (non)-executive board roles. Eric’s advisory domains are: business development, partnerships, follow on investment and growth and exit strategies. Eric lives together with his wife and two sons. In his free time, you can find Eric at the football pitch watching his sons or being active on a tennis court.

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Arches Capital Monthly Meetings

The first week of each month we present a select group of startup and scale-up companies to our members, the Archangels. Presenting companies will engage in face-to-face, in-depth discussions with groups of investors.

Twice a year we organize a bigger portfolio event dedicated to meet all companies in the Arches Capital investment portfolio. Besides having the chance to meet with the founders of the portfolio companies, these events in general include dinner and a number of guest speakers.

Arches Capital Meetings are member-only/invitation-only events.

Upcoming Arches Capital Meetings:

  • October 1st, 2019 Monthly Meeting Rotterdam @Merkle Nederland
  • October 2nd, 2019 Monthly Meeting Nijmegen @Radboud University
  • October 3rd, 2019 Monthly Meeting Amsterdam @ING
  • October 8th, 2019 Monthly Meeting Tilburg @Freshheads

Are you a founder of an early stage or scaling company and looking for funding? Please check our preferences and prerequisites here and send your request, investor/pitch deck, business plan, and financials to:

Are you a business angel interested to become an Archangel too? Please read further here.