Although we would never turn down an awesome team with a great product and traction in other areas, Arches Capital primarily focuses on software companies with B2B or B2B2C focus, that favour new and disruptive solutions over automating current processes, embrace the opportunity of innovative technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and have a compelling and differentiating product. Think about FinTech, RegTech, Health/MedTech, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Enabling Tech, Commerce.

We invest in return for equity (minority share) in early stage and scaling companies that have a strong and balanced team, a compelling product, are generating revenue, have proven traction and can clearly show the market opportunity and know their competitive landscape.

Are you an early stage or scaling company looking for funding with smart money and do you fit the criteria above? Send us your request, investor deck and business plan for review at Please check that the following information is included in your application: problem, solution/product/technology, market (fit, size, maturity), competition, go-to market/sales strategy, business model, team, current cap-table, financials (actual & forecast) and investment plan (size, runway, goal).

Term sheet for investment
One of Arches Capital’s traits is that we are able to have professional deals against fair cost of legal and notary services. We do that by using standard documentation (term sheet, shareholders and investment agreements) that are derived from modern, fair and commonly accepted market standards. You can download the most recent version of our standard term sheet for investment here. If you like some extra explanation with the various items in the term sheet, you can also download the standard term sheet with explanations here.