We are a fast-growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist (VCs) and how angels operate today, by joining the best of both worlds for our members.

The members of Arches Capital are seasoned and experienced entrepreneurs in various kind of markets and disciplines. They share an interest in (investing in) early stage startups and look for a trusted platform to build a solid investment portfolio, share and use community knowledge, lower risk profile, in order to make a healthy profit. Typical members have the ability to freely invest at least EUR 50K per year.

Through their paid subscription of Arches Capital, members have access to the exclusive member-only events, online platform and deal flow. Arches Capital is unique in its way of profit sharing, that distinguishes us from traditional funds and VCs: profits are shared between the investing angels, the management team, and even non-investing members.

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Operate like a VC; be an Angel

Arches Capital offers its members a deal flow that normally can only be found with established VCs. By actively scouting startups through channels such as (local and international) accelerators, partnering venture companies, governmental institutes, and off- and online networks, we expect to assess 1500-2000 investment opportunities from the first year, and to be continuously growing that number.

Each month member- and invite-only meetings are organized to get in touch with carefully screened and pre-selected new investment opportunities (fast growing startup and scale-up companies) and network with the other members. We aim to organize these meetings in varying and inspiring corporate locations. During the monthly meetings, the startups (generally 3-4) will present themselves to the members in face-to-face round-table discussions.

During and following the monthly meeting, members express their interest to invest in a company. Arches Capital will start the (commercial, technical and legal) due diligence process, and together with the group of interested investors appoint an Investment Lead, who will assist in closing the deal and take a seat in the (advisory) board of the invested company.