Arches Capital is a fast growing group of business angels that is bridging the gap between Venture Capitalist (VCs) and Business Angels, by joining the best of both worlds.

We source, select and invest like a VC;
We engage, care and inspire as the angel we are.

We believe that by bundling smart capital (combine funding with real business knowledge and experience) with true engagement (actively working together to achieve rapid growth), we are able to ignite early stage companies on their path to success.


Arches Capital invests in early stage companies that are ready to scale fast. Our group of investors consists of  seasoned entrepreneurs with a deep knowledge and broad experience in spaces like FinTech, Data Science, Commerce, Cybersecurity, MedTech, and many more. Most of our members are experienced angel investor and serial entrepreneur. Where most traditional VCs can only promise access to a network, Arches Capital itself is built upon the valuable knowledge and vast experience of its ‘Archangels’.


When Arches Capital invests in a company, it does so together with a subset of interested members. From this investor group one lead investor is appointed, who will close the deal, take a seat on the (advisory) board, actively engage with the founders and act as a main point of contact to all other angels and experts.


With the active commitment and engagement of the continuously growing group of Archangels, Arches Capital supports companies to ignite their rocket engine, accelerate growth and turn them into profitable, successful portfolio companies.

Arches Capitals differentiates itself from other angel syndicates or funds by supporting the next ignition stage as well: we aim to lead or contribute to follow-on investments of  our successful portfolio companies.