AMSTERDAM BASED THEYDO RECEIVES €400.000 SEED ROUND the platform for digital design thinking announced today that it has raised €400.000 in seed funding, led by Arches Capital.

TheyDo accelerates innovation with an online platform to support proven methods like customer journey mapping and Design Thinking. By managing innovation online, insights become available to everyone in the organization and allow teams to collaborate online and remotely. TheyDo shortens go-to-market time significantly and ties customer needs to business goals. With their mission to make every business process customer-centric, TheyDo is on the road to becoming the go-to platform for innovation.

Most organizations already know customer-centricity leads to better results and cuts cost in the long run, but at the same time they struggle to implement working processes outside the creative workshop. With TheyDo it becomes possible to share knowledge from qualitative research, creative workshops, and customer journeys, by managing everything in one place.

Jochem van der Veer, Co-Founder of TheyDo

The capital raise is used to rollout the customer-centric transformation program, the company developed for larger organizations. The program is designed to train multidisciplinary teams, help them to produce real results, and then scale up the process, transforming the whole organization towards working customer-centric. 

This summer, the team will also release live collaboration features, designed to create an environment where multiple teams can work together in the same customer journey, live and cloud-based. Something today is only possible in (digital) whiteboard sessions. It will enable designers, marketers, managers, and executives to collaborate on improving the end-to-end customer experience while delivering on business KPI’s.

Ruben Meiland, founder of Ticketscript and ex VP of Product at Eventbrite will join the board of directors on behalf of Arches Capital. Amongst investors, Pieter Omvlee, Founder of Sketch is actively involved in the development of the platform.

Earlier this month TheyDo launched its Enterprise transformation program. For smaller organizations, a digital version will be rolled out over the coming months so every company can start working customer-centric.

About TheyDo
TheyDo is a CX platform to bring customer-centricity into the heart of every business process. What started with the insight to scale Design Thinking outside the creative workshop, is now a platform to integrate customer-centricity as an end-to-end business process. TheyDo offers a complete solution by combining her software with a transformation program, led by its certfified Design Thinking coaches.

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