Amsterdam, 28 December 2020 – Desty Travel received an investment of half a million euros from Arches Capital. With this investment, Desty Travel will further expand its technological position in the travel software arena.

The investment from Arches Capital will be used to further develop the platform and expand the team

Dennis Klompalberts, CEO of Desty Travel

Desty Travel is an online software platform, where travel providers can compile and market package tours. Desty Travel was launched by Klompalberts (ex-founder TravelBird and founder and CEO Desty Travel) in the summer of 2019.

Since the travel industry is under severe pressure (already before but even stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak), there is a lot of demand for such a platform. Desty Travel ensures lower purchasing costs, automating operational processes and more flexibility in the offer to travellers. Leading companies such as, Stranded Flight Solutions, Hillman Travel and several new travel startups are already customers running the platform.

The investment of Arches Capital allows us to grow further in the Benelux and Europe, to deliver the best and most complete travel platform to our B2B customers.

Dennis Klompalberts, CEO of Desty Travel

As an all-in-one travel platform, Desty Travel includes back-end travel systems, a powerful CMS, a Virtual Tour Operator (VTO) and a front-end for the traveller. According to Klompalberts, online travel agents will save enormous amounts of time through Desty Travel, both in development of their own online presence as well as in their sales numbers of hotel, car rental, air and transfer products.

We see a great future for a travel platform like Desty Travel. Especially given their advanced technology and the associated competitive advantage. The team is highly experienced in this market, which immediately becomes clear looking at the traction Desty Travel already has.

Frank Appeldoorn, Managing Partner of Arches Capital