Eco-Movement has received an investment of € 900,000 from Bridford Group and Arches Capital. Eco-Movement provides up-to-date information about public charging stations in Europe. The investment will be used to connect all charging stations in Europe to the Eco-Movement data platform.

In recent years, Eco-Movement has built a leadership position in supplying dynamic point-of-interest data from charging stations. Currently almost all charge point operators and major navigation parties are working together with Eco-Movement. For the customers of Eco-Movement this means that they have one party where they can go for their international needs for location data of charging stations.

“In the coming 18 months we will connect the entire European market for charging stations to our system, which corrects, enriches and supplies the data to our customers. In addition to capital, Bridford Group together with current investor Arches Capital brings expertise in scaling software companies.”

Roderick van den Berg, co-founder of Eco-Movement

“The Eco-Movement team has proven to oversee this market and to be able to expand internationally. The outlined strategy is crucial for providing value to the navigation parties and charge point operators. The collaboration with the team has been enjoyable and professional.”

Frank Appeldoorn, Managing Partner at Arches Capital

About Eco-Movement
Eco-Movement is the data provider for charging stations in Europe. Eco-Movement collects and enriches location & availability data for all charging stations, both from public and from semi-public charging points.

The POI data from Eco-Movement is used by its customers (including TomTom, HERE, Shell, ANWB, VandeBron, Vattenfall, Allego, Engie, various municipalities, national governments and the European Commission) to show on their own consumer platforms, so that electric vehicle drivers can find the correct information about charging stations.

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About Arches Capital
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