Amsterdam, November 11, 2018 – Arches Capital invests several hundreds of thousands of Euros in Eco-movement to obtain a minority stake in the largest provider of electric mobility data in the Benelux. Eco-movement will use the investment to expand its product offering and to grow internationally.

Eco-movement specialises in aggregating and providing data and insights of all charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe. With the Netherlands being at the forefront of the energy transition, Eco-movement is well positioned to service a fast growing market and expand its reach into other countries in Europe. At present all charging station manufacturers and significant navigation service providers use the data and services of Eco-movement.

“In the coming 12 months we will expand and enrich our database to include the entire European market for charging stations and further develop our product for our customers. In addition to capital, Arches Capital brings the right expertise to the table for our growth ambitions. From the very first meeting, my partner, Falco van Vloten, and I were impressed by their approach. ”

Roderick van der Berg, founder and CEO of Eco-movement

“The rapid growth of the electric mobility market combined with the experience of the founders of Eco-movement were decisive for Arches Capital to make this investment. The opportunity to become one of the major European players in this area is a great challenge. In addition, the collaboration with the team has already been very enjoyable. ”

Frank Appeldoorn, Managing Partner at Arches Capital

About Arches Capital
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About Eco-movement
Eco-Movement is the data aggregator and data provider of charging stations for electric vehicles in Europe. Eco-movement collects, corrects and enriches geolocation and availability data, both for public charging stations, as well as for for semi-public charging stations which can be found and used at restaurants, shops and private homes.

Customers of Eco-movement (among which are TomTom, HERE, NewMotion, ANWB, VandeBron, Eneco, Nuon, Allego and Engie) use Eco-movement’s services and data to integrate with their own consumer platforms, and helping their clients with electric vehicles easily find their way. Eco-movement also publishes the data through its own platform

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