Enschede, The Netherlands – May 7, 2019. CodeSandbox, a software company founded in Enschede, The Netherlands, raises $2,4 million from Kleiner Perkins, Arches Capital and other leading investors. CodeSandbox will use the capital injection to accelerate the rapid growth of their developer network and expand functionality of their product.

CodeSandbox provides a fully browser-based production environment that is being used by developers, designers and teachers to create, build and share web applications. Since all functionality is provided online, collaborating on projects and products is a breeze. CodeSandbox is also often used for classes and workshops in web development technology.

Ives van Hoorne and Bas Buursma, founders of CodeSandbox, know one another since their early childhood. They both moved to Enschede for their studies. Working for Catawiki and during his internship with Facebook, Ives’ frustration for not being able to work ‘at any place at any time’ made him decide to start CodeSandbox.

Over the past year the developer community working with CodeSandbox has grown tremendously. Today more than a million developers are using CodeSandbox every month.

CodeSandbox can become the ultimate place of choice for software developers. It is made for professionals and already shows a rapidly growing support community of developers. We will help them grow from a great project to an amazing company. CodeSandbox can become the industry leader, breaking down the silos in software development.

Bucky Moore, Partner at Kleiner Perkins

Bucky Moore, partner at US-based investor Kleiner Perkins, led the investment. Kleiner Perkins is respected as one of the most successful venture capitalists because of their investments in Amazon, Square, Google, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Nest, Snap and Twitter.

To be able to help the fantastic team of CodeSandbox resolve one of the largest problems for developers, was an easy motivation to invest with our angel group.

Frank Appeldoorn, Managing Partner at Arches Capital

About CodeSandbox
CodeSandbox (codesandbox.io) is an online code editor that makes it easy to quickly start a project and collaborate with other people.

For more information visit www.codesandbox.io

About Kleiner Perkins
For five decades, Kleiner Perkins has partnered with some of the most ingenious founders in technology, helping them make history with their bold ideas. Through twenty venture funds and four growth funds, they have invested $10 billion in hundreds of companies including pioneers such as Amazon, Genentech, and Google. Today, Kleiner Perkins continues to invest in founders and their bold ideas helping them to make history.

For more information, visit www.kleinerperkins.com

About Arches Capital
Arches Capital, a fast-growing group of business angels, invests in startup and scale-up companies with a large growth potential. Through its investments, Arches Capital bridges the gap between formal investors (VCs) and informal investors (business angels), by joining the best of both worlds:

We source, select and invest like a VC;
We engage, care and inspire as the angel we are.

By bundling smart capital (combining funding with real business knowledge and experience) with true engagement (actively working together to achieve growth), we are able to ignite early stage companies achieve above-average growth. Arches Capital distinguishes itself from other angel networks by its active support to angels building a broad and professional investment portfolio, co-investment from Arches Capital in each deal and the unique distribution of proceeds amongst its members.

For more information visit www.arches.capital