Amsterdam, 15 May 2022 – Learned.io, a talent management platform (located in Utrecht), announced it closed its latest €1.5 million funding round led by Arches Capital. Current investor TechFund One, VIE Tech Capital and the Rabobank participated in the financing round. Learned will use the funding for product development and growth of the platform.

The founders started their mission in 2018, after experiencing first-hand the difficulties modern companies face with attracting and retaining new talent. Their goal at the time: helping 1 million employees to grow and perform, through great HR cycles that work. At the time of investment, Learned has already helped over 125 customers to modernize HR cycles towards continuous dialogues of skill and career development, resulting in engaged teams with future-proof skill sets. 

The sales growth is impressive and the platform resonates with the customers. With the funding round closed, Learned will expand its team in the Netherlands over the course of 2022. 

We see a bright future for HR tech that helps employees become more engaged with their employers. The Learned platform is all about people and team work. We believe the Learned team truly excels in this regard.

Frank Appeldoorn, managing partner of Arches Capital

The Learned team

About Learned
Learned is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Learned develops a skill-based talent management platform that helps companies modernize their HR cycles. Learned’s mission is to help 1 million employees to grow and perform, through great HR cycles that work.

For more information see www.learned.io.

About Arches Capital
Arches Capital is a fast-growing group of business angels that invests in startup and scale-up companies with a large growth potential. Through its investments Arches Capital bridges the gap between formal investors (VCs) and informal investors (business angels), by joining the best of both worlds:

“ We source, select and invest like a VC;
  We engage, care and inspire as the angel we are. ”

Arches Capital differentiates itself by bringing superior deal flow, professional knowledge and a lower risk profile to the participating angel investors, while supporting its successful portfolio companies from start to exit through follow-on investments. For this Arches Capital is building the leading platform of actively engaged business angels that know how to operate and manage their investments in a professional and standardized manner.

For more information, visit www.arches.capital.