Utrecht, 21 December 2022 – portfolio company Eco-Movement, the leading platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging station data, announced the close of its Series A funding round, led by Ponooc and Dow Jones, with participation of existing investors (Arches Capital and Bridford). Arches Capital first invested in Eco-Movement in November 2018. Ponooc is a a Dutch VC focussed on sustainable energy and mobility. Dow Jones is the global provider of news and business information.

The relevance of our data is increasing every day. With the support of both Ponooc and Dow Jones, we will further improve our product to help charge point operators with their visibility on mobile and in-car maps and support the EV industry with the best data possible.

Roderick van den Berg, CEO Eco-Movement

For more details, see: eco-movement.com/eco-movement-closes-series-a-funding/.

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Arches Capital differentiates itself by bringing superior deal flow, professional knowledge and a lower risk profile to the participating angel investors, while supporting its successful portfolio companies from start to exit through follow-on investments. For this Arches Capital is building the leading platform of actively engaged business angels that know how to operate and manage their investments in a professional and standardized manner.

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